Day 4

Friday, May 14


Session 25
Rural Women’s Mental and Physical Health

Katherine Jellison, Ohio University, Chair
Karol Weaver, Susquehanna University, “‘Mental and Physical Health Sufficient to Meet theDemands’: Psychiatric Nursing Education in Rural Pennsylvania”
Olubunmi Ashimolowo, Olatunbosun Soetan, and Oluwatoyin Abati, Federal University of Agriculture-Abeokuta, “Assessment of Use of Contraceptives among Female Agriculture Undergraduates in Federal University of Agriculture-Abeokuta”

Rural Women: Recipes and Remembering, Sponsored by the Culinary
Historians of Canada

Julia Armstrong, Culinary Historians of Canada, Chair
Carolyn Crawford, Culinary Historians of Canada, “Picking ‘Berrys’: Out of Five Old Chinguacousy Kitchens”
Suzanne Evans, Culinary Historians of Canada, “Biography of THE FIVE ROSES COOK BOOK(1932), Aid to POW Ethel Mulvany.”
Nathalie Cooke, McGill University, “Sharing Food and Fun, But Not All the Recipe Ingredients”

BREAK – 10:00-10:30am

10:30am-12:00pm – CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Session 27
Food on the Rural Canadian Homefront, Sponsored by the Culinary
Historians of Canada

Julia Armstrong, Culinary Historians of Canada, Chair
Samantha George, Parkwood National Historic Site, “Jam for Britain 1940-1945 Campaign: Grassroots Initiative to National Campaign”
Bonnie Sitter and Shirleyan English, “Onion Skins and Peach Fuzz: Memories of Ontario Farmerettes”

Session 28
Food, Family, and Poverty in the US

April Bullock, California State University, Fullerton, Chair
Megan Birk, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, ‘Stock the Larder for Institutional-Scale Cooking at Poor Farms and Almshouses in the United States”
Mary Larson, Oklahoma State University, “Comfort and Bond: Food and Relationship During the Dust Bowl”
Yvette R. Blair-Lavallais , Memphis Theological Seminary, “Scrimpin’ and Scrapin’: Examining Women and Food Insecurity in Rural Texas”

Session 29
A Daughter

A live reading of A Daughter , a one-act play by Kim Blackwell. Directed by Lindy Finlan.
Featuring Linda Kash and Peyton LeBarr.

12:00-2:00pm – Special Event Collecting COVID Stories, a Roundtable

Cynthia Prescott, University of North Dakota, Chair
Samantha Benn-Duke, Northeastern State University, “Experiences in the Time of COVID-19: Rural Indian Education Leadership in Oklahoma”
Virginia Scharff, University of New Mexico, “Doing the Heavy Lifting: Gender Roles and Consumption in the Age of COVID-19”
Rebecca Stoil, Clemson University, “Clay, Covid and Matzah Balls: An [Im]Perfect Passover in a New Home”
Krista Lynn Minnotte, University of North Dakota, and Samantha K. Ammons, University of Nebraska-Omaha, “I Recorded Lectures in my Closet”: Working from Home Gender Dynamics among Faculty Women during COVID-19”


Session 30
Passionate and Personal: ‘non-feminist” Rural Labour’s Broader

Sarah Carter, University of Alberta, Chair
Tracey Hanshew, Washington State University Tri-Cities, “Cowbelles A Callin’: From the Kitchen to Congress”
Shelby Blair Martens, University of New Brunswick, “‘They’ll have to get a boyfriend who is a farmer’: Labour, Gender and Religion on Southern Alberta Family Farms”
Diane McKenzie, University of Lethbridge, “‘What’s Love Got to Do With It? : Women’s Participation in the Intergenerational Transfer of Family Farms”

Session 31
Reading Between the Lines: Women, Literature, and the Kitchen Table
in Twentieth Century Rural and Prairie Canada

Elyssa Ford, Northwest Missouri State University, Chair
Kesia Kvill, University of Guelph, “Making a Clean and Modern Kitchen: Rural Kitchens and Technology in the Early Twentieth Century”
Emily Kaliel , University of Guelph, “‘Steam, Don’t Boil’: Reworking Cooking Practices and Nutritional Standards in the Women’s Pages of the Western Producer, 1925-1939”
Cheryl Troupe, University of Saskatchewan, “Metis Women Speak Up: Reading for Women’s Political Activist Voices in New Breed Magazine in the 1970s”

3:00-5:00pm – Special Event

Musical Performance by Mary Parkinson