Day 3

Thursday, May 13


Session 17
Nigerian Women and Mental Health

Showing and discussion of film about empowering rural women by Oluwaseun Boye, Gbemisola Akanbi, and Abolanle Ogunlami, Ogun State Government

Recipes, Memory, and Identity

J. Sanford Rikoon, University of Missouri, Chair
Galia Hasharoni, University of Haifa, “Memories and Gefilte Fish, Longing and Lokshen: Older Women, Food, and Pioneering in Mandatory Palestine”

BREAK – 10:00-10:30am

10:30am-12:00pm – CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Session 19
Rural Women Making and Breaking the Mold

Sara Morris, University of Kansas, Chair
Jessica Spiess, Public Historian, “Brisant Le Moule: The Story of a Woman Who Broke the Mold”
Sarah Carter, University of Alberta, and Joan Heggie, Teesside University, “The Famous “Bachelor Girl”: Miss Jack May, Lady Farmer in England and Canada”

Session 20
Rural Women as Home Healers

Ashimolowo Olubunmi, Federal University of Agriculture-Abeokuta, Chair
Brooke Kathleen Brassard, McMaster University, “Living Rooms and Kitchen Medicines: Latter-Day Saints in Southern Alberta, Domestic Spaces, and Rituals of Healing,1887-1947”
Bose Olaniyan Adebanjo, Nigerian Government, “Women Choose Life, Stay Aware: A presentation about breast cancer awareness”

Session 21
The Food We Eat, the Stories We Tell: Kitchen Table Talk from

Kathryn Engle, University of Kentucky, Chair
Annette Clapsaddle, Swain County High School
Elizabeth Engelhardt, University of North Carolina,
Lora Smith, Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky,
Emily Hilliard, West Virginia Humanities Council,

12:00-2:00pm – Special Event – RWSA BUSINESS MEETING


Session 22
Politics Begin in the Kitchen

Kelly Houston Jones, Arkansas Tech University, Chair
Lynne Benson, University of Massachusetts-Boston, “‘Victory is in the Kitchen’: How Women Triumphed from the Suffrage Movement to World War II”
Jennifer Helton, Ohlone College, “Suffrage at the Kitchen Table”
Elizabeth Almlie, South Dakota State Historical Society, “Food History and the Suffrage Movement in South Dakota”
Pearl Young, Kennesaw State University, “Reputation and Pride: Advocating Secession from the Kitchen Table”

Session 23
From Rural Hearth to Cookstove, Sponsored by the Culinary
Historians of Canada

Julia Armstrong, Culinary Historians of Canada, Chair
Chantal Vechambre, Culinary Historians of Canada, “How Did French Women Cook in Atlantic Canada in the Early Decades of Settlement?”
Gary Gillman, Culinary Historians of Canada, “Margaret Simpson: Pioneer Publican-Brewer of Upper Canada”
Fiona Lucas, Culinary Historians of Canada, “Catharine Parr Traill’s Nine Kitchens”
John Ota, Culinary Historians of Canada, “Maud’s Kitchen”

Session 24
Selling Produce, Navigating Markets

Margaret Thomas Evans, Indiana University East, Chair
Debra Reid, The Henry Ford Museum, “Farm Women in Urban Public Markets”
Kathryn Beasley, Independent Scholar, “The Unexpected Cash Lifeline of Curb Markets and Clay County Baskets: Rural Alabama Women, Home Demonstration, and Creating Income, 1914-1929”
Maureen Thompson, Florida International University, “Navigating Gender Norms: Late Nineteenth-Century Pioneering Commercial Seedswomen”