Taylor Graham and the Farm Show

Rural Feminist Digital Translation of The Farm Show

Taylor Marie Graham is a theatre artist and PhD Candidate at the University of Guelph’s School of English and Theatre Studies. Her research project is a decolonial and rural feminist exploration of the Blyth Festival Theatre, found in Huron County, Ontario, which has presented 45 years of “” that puts “farmers and rural Canadians centre stage” ( This conference presentation of excerpts from The Farm Show, which paved the way for the Blyth Festival’s founding in 1975, will highlight representations of rural women in the play.

Sponsored by the Ontario Agricultural College and the School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph.

Mary Parkinson | Musician

A Path to Music Therapy:
How Music & Rural Life Has Shaped My Career

Mary Parkinson is the owner and director of Wellington Music Therapy Services and a Credentialed Music Therapist, whose strong roots and active community engagement in rural Wellington County allowed her to pursue her passion as a career. A strong connection to her church, a musical family, and a unique musical education led her to the emerging field of music therapy. Born and raised on a farm, after graduating from the University of Guelph with a degree in Music, Mary obtained a Masters in Music Therapy from Concordia University. She then returned to Wellington County to set up her practice, which has grown to include 7 therapists and numerous music therapy students. Wellington Music Therapy Services supports the needs of the local community, including residents of Long-Term Care homes, children youth and adults who have unique needs, early intervention, and mental health. Mary’s passion stems from a strong belief that music is innately healthy, and her dream is that a music therapist is part of every health care team and community support team.